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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Bag Lady

Let me hold you up Sister ^_^

"Bag lady, You gone hurt your back
Dragging all them bags like that,
I guess nobody ever told you,
All you must hold on to? Is you!

One day? All them bags gone get in your way,
I said one day? All them bags gone get in your way,
So pack light.

Bag lady you gone miss your bus,
You can't hurry up,
Cause you got too much stuff!

When they see you coming?
Niggas take off running...from you
It's true, oh yes they do!

One day? He gone say, "you're crowding my space!" ,
I said one day? He gone say, "you're crowding my space",
So pack light.

I know sometimes it's hard,
And we can't let go,
When someone hurts you oh so bad inside.
You can't deny it? And you can't stop crying.
But if you start breathing,
Then you won't believe it!
You'll feel so much better.

Bag lady? Let it go.
You don't need it!
Bag lady? Let it go.
You don't need that."

-Extract from Erykah Badu's, Bag lady-


Bags of un-forgiveness, or resentment, or insecurity, or self- doubt...self- sabotage...
of past hurt, or guilt? But why do we insist on breaking our backs with the heavy laden of these numerous bags?
Bags that are awfully heavy...they hinder you from running to catch the bus into your destiny. Packed with non-essentials...basically? Things you do not need for your journey.

See, for example, bitterness is often justified? But it's a burden that's too heavy and too costly for you to bear. 
Bag lady? It's time to let it go...believe me, you don't need them bags, life is a very long journey, and it's easier, and wise to travel light.

Sitawa Namwalie said, "A lady, must have the ability to re-attach her body parts, when they fall off." 
When they fall off? Yes, it is inevitable, that they will fall off.
They fall off as your face splashes into the puddle of mud when you stumble...
Your ears break off, and your head rolls over...
Your foot gets smashed, and your hands break loose, your torso spills over, and then your body is a mess...splashed all over, laying all over the place!

Bag lady?  It is okay for your body parts to fall off, but let this truth sink in, and let it sink deep into your heart and your mind:  

"you have the ability to re-attach your body parts when they fall off..."

Re-attach your bleeding heart, so that you may be able to feel again,
Re-attach your eyes back into their proper sockets, so that you may re-align the vision that you had for your life,
Re-attach you ears, and your mouth, so that you may be able to hear the truth about yourself, and speak life into your being...
Patiently, but surely endeavour to re-attach every body part that fell off when you stumbled, and once everything is smooth and well attached again, do not burden yourself with bags, take time to carefully unpack your bags...walk light, live light...it's time to let it go.


  1. After a long while you are out again and you nailed it. Amazing piece.

    1. Yeah! It's been a while...a long while.. but I am back Phil. 😊
      And I am happy that you took the time to stop by and read this...many thanks, and much appreciated.

  2. Walk light, live light..love that!!! It ain't easy but c'est possible :-)

    1. Oui, c'est trés, trés possible!!! It is more than possible.
      Thanks for reading Tab 😊