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Thursday, 13 April 2017

Broken, but grateful.

I am broken, but grateful.

The bread of life,
He broke the bread and gave thanks.
See how the heavy heart gives thanks!

because He believed it would be alright.
expressing trust in His Father.
The trusting son broke bread gratefully.

See how the trusting son chose to stay slay.
Yes, slay!
He knew what was coming,
but He chose to stay and be slayed.

It was Passover time,
and He was going to be the lamb.
He knew what was coming,
but the trusting son chose to stay.
He knew the nature, scope and weight,
Of that wrath...
His Father's wrath,
poured out to burn,
the sin,
the son,
was done,
would He turn?
For none...
None can,
None could...
None could stand in His place as the Passover lamb.
So the trusting son chose to stay,
broken but grateful.

The trusting son took the bread, 
He gave thanks and broke it,
and gave it to His disciples.
"Eat!" He said.
"It is my body, that will be broken for you."
His body,
He broke it!
See how the heavy heart gives thanks.

The trusting son,
Learn...from the trusting son,
Yearn...to express trust in God,
Can...broken be grateful?
Man...giving thanks in brokenness?

Despised and rejected,
By those in heaven, earth and those
under the earth.
But still, He the trusting son chose to stay...
to stay slay.
He chose the broken and given way.

Learn...from the trusting son,
Yearn...to express trust in God,
Can...broken be grateful?
Man...giving thanks in brokenness?

I give thanks, to express trust in God.
I give thanks, because I believe it will be alright.
I am broken but grateful. 

***"Is it possible to give thanks in brokenness?" I wondered about that today. 
The greatest and most legit response to life I'd think though, is gratitude. Gratitude in chaos is a way of expressing trust in the Orchestrator of your life.
Oh how beautiful life is, when it's looked at through the glasses of gratitude!

This poem is my little way, of wishing you a happy Easter.
25th November, 2016...the day on which I wrote this poem, and I have been waiting eagerly ever since, to share it with you!
Yasss! You! Reading this right now, thank you so much for taking the time.

The most authentic, and deepest love ran red at a time like this, 2000 years ago. 
"Here's your worth," He says,
"This is what you're worth." He said as He poured out His love on you.
"You're worth fighting for...you're worth dying for...you're worth loving to the death. That's what you're worth."

Side note? The world's greatest Momma turned an year older today: my momma!
She told everyone that she's turning 25 today...the numbers just might have been reversed...maybe? I honour, celebrate, and appreciate my momma today and always! Happy birthday to her...I know she'll read this at some point ^_^ Happy birthday Ma!

And for the rest of you lovely, incredible people? Happy, happy Easter. Enjoy...you're loved...always!***


  1. Beautiful, wrote with love, thank you Esther and Happy 😊 Easter to you and your family 👪 xx

    1. Trina, thank you so much ^_^
      I wonder what you're up to this Easter...but whatever the case? I wish you and the fam too, a happy one.
      Look at you being all supportive with my writings as always! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Wow, this is just beautiful i love the fact that we are grateful because we trust the father. resonated with me

    1. Esther! It is true...giving thanks at all times and in all circumstances, not because things are good, and going the way we want them to, but because of trust...in the Orchestrator of our lives, trust in His wisdom, love, character, faithfulness...

      Thank you for stopping by Esther, and for taking the time to read...I am happy to have a fellow Esther on this blog ^_^ #trueStory

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Pius...I appreciate your visit to the blog as well, and I hope that you stop by more often ^_^