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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Beauty is Knowing that You're Enough

Why do we constantly feel a need to apologize for things that we are naturally disposed toward?
My mind wondered about that today.

It was in her story...

An innocent girl walking home from school, minding her own business.

Tired, overwhelmed maybe? Thoughtful...

Across the road, they walked along...a bunch of adorable monsters, that looked a lot like children.

They were taunting, they were laughing, they were mocking, and scoffing...all this was directed to her.

They opened their mouths to release profanities.

Such lovely, little fellows. How?

How would such profanities be an aftermath of the speech of such lovely, little fellows?

They were calling her names, simply because she was different; she was big.

She walked on though, minding her own business, and my soul broke into tiny, little pieces.

Was she meant to apologize? For being big?

It was also in her story...

This lady that I love so much, a dear friend of mine.

She juggles too much, with resources too scarce...resources too meager.

The weight of bills on her shoulders. She's a single Momma, a lovely mother, to a lovely little princess.

She juggles too much though, carrying the weight of the whole world on her shoulders.

And one day...

one fateful day? She just can't take it anymore!

See, she's stretched too thin? bent too far back...feeling like she could snap, from all that pressure.

Her mind is all over the place, the figures are too overwhelming, and her heart is breaking...

literally? Her heart breaks! She has a stroke!

A stroke?

Yeah...a stroke!

It hits the upper part of her body, maiming and disfiguring her.

She leans into the mirror, many days later post physiotherapy, and she doesn't like what she sees...

She breaks, at the sight of her once pretty face.

As she shares her deepest thoughts and fears with me, I think to myself, and then say to her, "There's no shame in things that are beyond our control."

But my heart still breaks, because I know that we know these things...

We know that disease is beyond our control, we know that how our bodies look like is often beyond our control....

We know...

But still? we constantly feel a need to apologize for things that we are naturally disposed toward.

Beauty is knowing that you are enough...

The fears will keep calling, the self-doubt as well.

Reality will keep taunting...it never stops! It goes on and on...

But you still have a choice; a choice to believe...

...a choice to believe the truth.

Which is: you are enough!

Yes! You...are enough!!!

Beauty is knowing that you are enough...

And you are beautiful, you truly, certainly are!

Choose belief!


  1. Replies
    1. Oh yes you are Cathy ^_^
      Thanks for stopping by...much appreciated, sana!

  2. What a piece. You keep taking the notch higher with each outstanding post. This is amazing.
    I placed handsome in place of beauty to suite me and "I'm ENOUGH". Thanks hun.

    1. Wow! Thanks too! For your relentless support Phil...sharies to various platforms? Wueh! Nashukuru sana.
      I am truly, sincerely, deeply, grateful.
      Being handsome is knowing you are enough...hmmm...I love that version too ^_^

  3. I think that it's really sad when someone makes fun of something you never really had a problem with or never noticed until they pointed it out...I hate it when that is done to kids cause some things which you see or hear when young are hard to forget.
    Nice one boo!!����beauty is truly that; and also choosing to let go of those who don't treat you like you are enough��

    1. Very true Tab...some things a person never really had an issue with, until others made it their business to keep reminding that person that he/she does not meet the social standard of beauty...sad fact...
      I'd say though that, that points to this as well: the importance of one growing up, fully accepting everything about themselves because equally, being taunted about something in you that you have fully accepted? Does not avail to much, yes? ^_^
      Beauty I believe, is a mental shift...it starts in the mind...teaching one's mind to believe that you are enough. ^_^ and you are approved, that you do not need anyone's approval to be beautiful :)You have already been approved.
      Also, the issue about what we say to children? It truly is a challenge to every individual...we all have a responsibility to challenge kids, and fellow young people, to learn how to hear the truth, speak the truth to themselves, and believe only what is true...especially where love and beauty is concerned? Lies keep flying around? But we can choose to believe, hear and speak to self only what is true ^_^

      Choosing to let go of those who don't treat you like you are enough though! Wueh! Word!!! Mhenga ashanena, hihii!

      You visiting this space and sharing your beautiful insight Tab? It always gives me life!!! #TrueStory!

      Thanks Sissy! Ahsante sana!!!