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Sunday, 9 October 2016

A Message for My Dear.

I am enjoying making my own graphics 

I see you today, you stand amidst the crowd, surrounded by all these noises, and each of them is trying to feed you with their poison words. You stand leaning into that rack, where beauty magazines tumble off a bit too fast. You're perusing the pages, and they are speaking to you, you're assessing the feeds of your social sites and they are getting to you...

I want to say that looks don't matter, and yes I know, that it then sounds like I'm spouting encouraging cliches.
It's a messed up world you see, where the things that really matter are approached half-heartedly, yet people spend so much time fussing over things that actually don't matter.

Hear me here dear, forget the stereotypes, and consider the offer for emancipation.

You are a sprouting budding flower...but you have long stopped believing in that.

I see you daily standing en face of the mirror; and kilos seems to bother you, the wrinkles too, the bulging mid-section as well, and the fading light in your eyes, the frame of your body too, it just doesn’t sit right…

You are not a trophy dear, you are a soul.

Hear me here dear, choose the indie way, consider the gift of emancipation.

Beauty is not the frame of your face or the swing of your hips, it’s not the perfection of your skin or the worth of your wear, it’s not the number of the stares, accolades, beholders that you snare, it’s the openness of your heart that makes you beautiful.

Hear me here dear, you are not missing out by choosing emancipation.

There is so much advice out here on how to cream away imperfection, and tuck that skin until it is firm. How to shake what momma gave you, and make it appealing. There are so many women out here who know how to make their hair, and dress their bodies, but very few who know how to do hard and holy things...
...very few who care about using their hands to help humanity, who want to stretch their arms to lift a sister up, who will choose the difficult, broken and given way, the indie way that requires learning how to be a shade over someone else’s storm... a life of giving even of one's self.

Beauty is about the openness of your heart dear, you can beat the conventional ideas of beauty and acceptance. There is freedom in authenticity, in being your true self, in relishing this moment of glory, the glory of a beautiful soul.

In whom, or in what have you placed your identity? For the truth dear, is that there is a message to be said to you, and through you.

You were already approved. A very long time ago?

You were approved…

So there’s nothing more to prove.

This world needs to be done with seeing people as skin, instead of souls, but while it still learns to do that, I want you to know that God alone has the authority to determine your worth, your price, your dignity…acceptability. Please don’t give that authority to anyone else? Don’t let anyone else give you your identity.

When the music fades…when it stops all together…and all the flashlights flicker, when they go off. This can be said of you, “she let me write my story through her.” Stay in God’s story dear, stay in His story.

I know you struggle a lot with the insecurities, and the lies…I know because I too have been the one leaning into the mirror with all these questions.

But I see you today, and I know in my heart, without a shadow of a doubt, that you belong here…see how you belong. There’s a place just for you.

Hear me here today dear, forget the stereotypes, you are a soul, not a trophy to be won.

A time is coming dear, when the stars, how bright they shine, the canary and the swan, how gracefully they walk, the tulips and the yellow daffodils, how pretty they are? A time is coming when all these shall be darkened; the beauty of these things shall be lost to your eye by impaired vision.

A time is coming dear when your strong feet and knees shall give in and bow themselves in graceful surrender, and your grinders, your molar teeth, shall cease to grind because just a few will remain strong and standing.

That time, is coming dear.

But despite all the cycles of womanhood that you shall go through? In your skin can be a comfortable place to live in...it is the only place, the only home you know, and you have lived in.

The conventional ideas of beauty and acceptance are a folly. So yes, looks don't matter it's about the openness of your heart. 

***This topic has been on my mind  for a while. I wondered if I'd get the right words to express what was in my heart. I have felt for a while that it's a message that needs (really, really needs) to be passed across.
Still thinking deeply about Ragini Zutshi Anand's poem (thank you so much for such beautiful words Ragini! ). Please find time to follow the link and read it...it's very, short, I promise...but truly profound!
Our world today is messed up, but I hope that every single day you will wake up and remember who and whose you are.
Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read. Much appreciated.***


  1. Encouraging piece...should be read by every lady/woman alive!

    1. From my heart to very woman's heart ^_^ I wish too Sissy, that every lady would believe deeply how fabulous, impactful, needed, and beautiful they are (because it's the truth). I wish we'd spend time working on the heart more than on working on being a trophy to be won...we say society did this to us...but who is society? Ain't we part of society :)

      Thanks for taking the time to read...really :) Thanks for the support...always...much appreciated!!!

  2. What are sisters for?hehee...you're welcome