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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The End of Blaugust; One more story, the final Story.

The goofy smile...when you finally learn how to use graphic tools to make your own graphics!

“Wah!!!! While others were busy feeling remorseful, making things right with the respectful complainants in their cases if they could, telling themselves that if they got out they’d never come back? Others were busy ruining their lives further…” that was the thought that went through my mind as he spoke…

“She was a really old lady I tell you guyz!” the stranger was explaining, and my siblings and I were according his every word the courteous ear.

“…carrying a small infant,” He continued,

“The police checked, and there was nothing on that old lady. They tried to check the baby though…and ai! That baby was making some weird facial expressions…”he said, making some faces himself,

“So the prison officers decided to trust their instincts, and do a full check on the baby. The old lady had hidden some drugs next to the baby’s genitals, ready to sneak them in!!!”

“…and guess what she told the police when they found those drugs. She said, ‘aki officer sijui hata nani aliweka hizo hapo! (Not sure who put those drugs there)’!” he finally concluded his story, pointing out how the officers then roughed up that old lady, kicking her and pushing her around. She was in fact then, under on-going interrogation.

My siblings and I were baffled, and saddened by that story. Using infants to sneak drugs, into a prison? and hiding the drugs there? Wueh! Talk about some serious guts, and distorted morality…distorted humanity! Humanity is truly broken in this day and age.

He was now telling us another story. Our faces were now turned toward him. Stranger? Yes! But with some really fascinating stories. We were intrigued, by this friendly stranger’s stories…

“But prison officers can be cruel…”

“Very cruel!” we all nodded in agreement as some trauma-packed memories presented themselves in our minds, about how we’ve been treated before at this very same place, while coming to visit our Uncle.

“Some time ago I’d been walking in the streets, minding my business I tell you guyz.” He was saying,

“Some prison officer walked up to me, he started harassing me, beating me!!! I was mad, very mad! I bit off his genitals! I bit them so hard, he bled to death…nilimuua! (I killed him!!!)” he concluded his story, with zero emotion on his face. In fact, there might have been a look of proud accomplishment in there.

He was saying something about him getting the prison officers during his jail time to treat him with uttermost respect… to treat him as royalty despite his incarceration status, but were we listening? We were astounded, and scared (I know I was very, very scared of that man)!

My siblings and I were looking at each other…two or three seconds of uncomfortable stolen glances, just to confirm that we heard what he said right. Zero remorse? He killed someone, got convicted, served jail time, and yet he had no tinge of remorse as he talked about his crime? He talked about it with such passion and pride?

Nilimuua! Alikufa!” I almost heard him add to that, the evil laugh; it was all in my mind though. We were taking slow but purposeful steps away from him either way…a twisted world it is, a very twisted world I tell you!!!

This was a family fun day…a day for prisoners to have fun with their families. We had been waiting outside for a while. Prisons in Kenya you see, are like little governments of their own; they operate by their own strict rules; comply, or take a walk! You often feel roughed up, when you’re anywhere in such premises. Understandably so though, it is a prison…a place where people have been forced by circumstances to change…good change, or bad change, only they know!

A couple of rough searches, and we were finally in…there had been a list, of “visitable remandees” and there were as well, those who would not be enjoying such privileges. The latter were lurking around, like scary shadows in the background. At this point again? I promise you, I felt very scared…but I was in safe company (father and brother…I moved therefore, to stand right in front of my safe company, just in case). I tried as hard as I could also, not to focus on the shadows lurking in the background.

We saw him, and he saw us! He was happy, and we were extra, super happy!! We followed him to the pavilion…sitting in a pavilion? While the rest of the kawaida wananchi were getting scorched in the sun? We enjoyed little, pretty privileges that day…courtesy of him…yes, it was all on him…

Why, you ask? Back to my opening thoughts; while others were busy ruining their lives in the stop-over? In their waiting time? In the prison? Others were picking up the pieces of their shattered lives, and promising themselves that upon release? they’d never ever come back to prison.

A stop-over is a place of strategy, not a place of surrender, or of self-destruction.

We sat down and we were chatting intimately. He spoke, he advised, and we listened.

He said prison for him is a school. His life was open to learning what he was meant to learn in this school. He said so many profound things that day. He was talking about life in prison, and I received his words. They got to me, and knelt before me. They smiled at me, and sat beside me. They looked up at me, and I looked back, and loved them so much. I loved them instantly! I loved them so much; my eyes were welling up at some point.

He didn’t know that they spoke to me directly, for I am in a prison of my own, wanting so badly to remember my dream despite it all; to remember my dream, and keep it alive…

“Many people despise the process so much. They Murmur, complain, vent, cause chaos, because the process hurts. We complain too much, too much that we are finally allowed to walk out of the prison, to walk out of the process. We go out there and life is too hard. People shun you and despise you as soon as they hear that you are an ex-convict. They are afraid of you! You fail to get a job, who will hire a criminal? You fail to get food and money…fail to even get acceptance from your own people, and so very soon? You’re back to your life of crime…because you need to survive. You are caught, and put back into the prison.” *Sad sigh*

“See the process was necessary all along. The prison was good for such a person, no? You might have learned your lesson already, but you needed to be a bit more patient, as He (God) prepared things out there for you, so that when you got out? You’d not have to struggle…you’d have everything set up, you’d not have to be so much in want that you’d end up going back to the very thing that had first caused your incarceration.” He said something along those lines (paraphrased).

Trust the process, and believe that it is good for you. Even when you do not understand why things have happened in your life the way they have? Always choose gratitude, over bitterness and complain. Things happen in our life, and they hurt like hell; delayed promises, impossible problems, undeserved criticism, senseless tragedies, it’s all part of being human, and in it all, I challenge you to trust the process. See when morning comes? Sunrise is inevitable, no? And when you’re finally at rock bottom, there’s nowhere left to go but up…trust the process.

He asked how everyone was doing…he always does that. Every single member of the family mentioned individually, and then he accorded a keen and genuine ear to the answer given. I have always loved his attitude…so much hope, so much faith, so much sunshine.

“You know I’m always praying for you…you’ll get sorted, it will work out, and it will be okay…” he says that quite often, and it always baffles me, but it brings sunshine into my own life…

A person with so much on his plate…a person in a place of limbo…awaiting a resolution…unfair delay with the court process, yet he has time to pray for the needs of others? He has words to uplift “the seemingly free”? He has enough sunshine to light the lives of others? When everything that I relied on to identify myself…maybe it’s my dignity, my family, my job…heck my life as I knew it, as I had imagined it to be in the future, is placed on a speeding see-saw, and sent spiraling into oblivion, whatever remains, is it able to inspire enough courage, hope and strength in me, to help me live today…and live it the best way I know how. To help me cling desperately to hope, and keep on keeping on? To help me remember my dream, remember where I wanted to be at, and trust that that will happen some day? To help me be a blessing, not only to self, but to others around me as well? Who am I? Who are you? What is your identity? Where, (in what, or in whom) have you placed your identity?

The stopover is a bitter pill to swallow…while undergoing the process? You feel incarcerated, like you’re in shackles, in chains…and you’re stuck, and confused, and in pain. There’s uncertainty, and where you are headed to is not quite clear. The future seems oblique and messed up…it feels that way, but in reality, it is not that way.

Being in a place of limbo: a place of uncertainty…an unknown amount of waiting…

In that prison? Some indulge in obscenities, and ruin their lives forever, others murmur, complain and vent, throughout the process, and so they are released, while still half-baked, only to be back a few years down the line, to re-do that class…others though decide that it is a school, and they open up their lives, willing to take the pain of allowing the process to mold character and their very person. This much is true, both for the person in a physical prison, and the person in a life prison…I can tell you that from my own experience.

Which of these am I? Which one are you?

I purposed that day that once I get out of this prison, out of the prison of life? I would never be back here again…inspired by a remandee, in a real, physical, state prison 

The day went by too fast, and soon we were saying our good byes. I couldn’t help but notice some really young mothers, with little babies as we left…babies that were months old! The babies cried, and the mothers cried too. The fathers were prisoners, they were in incarceration. A life of crime doesn’t pay pleasantly! Never be deceived, you will reap always what you sow! See, karma is a merciless master, just when you think you are free? You are quickly reminded that you never really stood a chance. I’d say today therefore, sow wisely! Crime is never cute.

Sow wisely as well…with every decision that you make in your life every day. Guard, your heart, guard your soul, and guard your mind. Garbage in, garbage out. The young people of our time are busy filing their souls with garbage…you sit there every day and allow the crap that is going around social media, movies and TV series into your life? All in the name of entertainment, huh? You are caught in a crisis and inside you all that can be found is crap? You are unable to rely on that crap to keep your soul steady…I challenge you today, be selective with what you allow into your soul, and your mind. In fact, I’d advice; be selfish with what you allow into your soul! Everyone else is doing it? It’s alright, you are not every one! Choose to be different! Never be deceived, what you sow, you will reap bountifully, and you will reap personally…alone! You sit there and judge a prisoner who was convicted for rape? But your mind is so messed up you’re doing the very same thing that the convict did physically with your thoughts? You call him a pervert, and wonder how he got to the point of doing such a disgusting act? Fellow young person I challenge you today…guard your heart…guard your soul, and guard your mind.

My main aim of doing the Blaugust challenge was to write about life as I am experiencing it, to share what I have been learning of late, and I truly appreciate every support that I have received with my posts.

It has been so overwhelming; the joy that I have found from your responses to my posts! With every +1, and every share, every comment, and every read…my posts have been shared to so many other social platforms, and your kindness has brought smiles to my eyes. Some people whom I have met personally have told me that they read faithfully, and that my words are loved by them? I am truly humbled,  am grateful!
I started out this blaugust challenge, believing that the pen is mightier than the sword…and so I wanted to speak out whether there was an audience or not…it really didn’t matter…not having an audience did not matter. But I’m glad and grateful that there was an audience either way, and I appreciate that deeply…I appreciate your support deeply!

I hope most importantly though, that my words this month have challenged you, to remember your dream, and to keep it alive…trust at all times that when you are going through a certain struggle, you are not alone, it is not permanent, and your life (or dream) is not over. Let your life be open to the lessons of the process, and believe at all times that the Orchestrator of your life is always in control.

I learned from one genius Mr. (please follow his whacko group of blogs), how to make it easier for my readers to access my posts. I agreed with him last year that I’d always steal this genius idea of his as often as is possible. So here goes my theft; I made especially for you, a collection of all my blaugust posts…it is a blogger’s job to make sure that all posts are read, no? Well, do stop by this space of mine, as often as you can, even beyond the blaugust.  

Have a fabulous day, have a great month! Goodbye August, hello September. Make it a good one!

Remember Your Dream: The collection

Remember your dream: The Eleven

It is a Blogger's job to get people reading her posts. Therefore, in that spirit of creative ways to do so, here's the collection. Eleven of them? I'm in awe...thank- you everyone, for the little smiles that you've put on my face with your unrelenting support, I deeply appreciate your love and support during this Blaugust. 
Thank- you as well, to the genius mind behind this idea...I did warn you that I'd steal it, no? So here goes my theft;
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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Remember Your Dream: Vol. 11

Street Art: creating art for the people, in public spaces. Image via shareable.net

Today’s thought: choose gratitude again.

Come along with me, let me hold your hand and lead you.

I’d love for you to come along with me outside the box…let’s walk off from the framed photo, the photo of your life as is known to you.

To clear your perspective, so that you’re able to see the bigger picture, and even further, to things happening outside that picture…to things happening in the background…

In the secret chambers…outside the battle field,

Outside the box,

For that is where the Orchestrator of your life lives.

Your reality is really small, in comparison to the work that the Orchestrator of your life is doing.

Though the darkness is so thick, choose trust, choose hope, and choose gratitude.

See the thing is, in a life of faith, the road is usually lighted just far enough, for you to see one step ahead…not the whole journey; for you to make that one step, a step at a time. Ask therefore, for enough strength…just enough to take you through today.

Though your soul is in chaos, and your heart is in turmoil, choose gratitude…

Though your heart is breaking, into a million little pieces, choose gratitude…

Though your mind has no answers…just questions, unanswered questions, things unsaid yet remaining painfully unsettled, and you keep feeling as if you’re constantly releasing rhetoricals, choose gratitude…

For though the struggle is so real for you? Outside the box, outside the photo of your life as is known to you? The reality as you know it is unbelievably small in comparison to the work going into your life.

Failure, loss, delay, defeat…confusion has set in…but you still have a choice. You? Do not have to reside in it…in confusion, or in bitterness. Choose gratitude, choose trust, and choose hope…

Trust His perspective; trust the Orchestrator of you life’s perspective remembering that He dwells outside the box, and He saw the end before it even began, before all this chaos began.

And you dwell inside the box, seeing these mountains that seem hard to scale, impossible to surmount…feeling like a lion that is trapped in a cage, or a beautiful eagle that long forgot how to soar.

If you were able to see the whole complete picture…the beauty of the unadulterated picture of your life? You would thank the Orchestrator of your life for putting you exactly where you are right now…

But I know that you can’t see that picture…you only see just what is in the frame. And that is why I challenge you to try gratitude despite of…

To try gratitude because you trust His perspective.

It’s a rough test, a test of your ability to hope, a test of faith.

But life is about faith, by faith you believe in things you cannot see.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Remember Your Dream: Vol. 10

 Today's thought:

Life is about growth,
through growth you learn from past mistakes.
Life is about influence,
without it you know nothing about leading without manipulating.
Life is about charity,
through charity you experience the joy of enriching someone else's life.
Life is about friendship,
through friends you experience the joy of belonging.
Life is about oneness,
without it you know nothing about treating your neighbour the way you'd have them treat you.
Life is about faith,
by faith you believe in things you cannot see.
Life is about love,
in love you will know the joy of selflessness.
Life is about family,
without them you know nothing about being accepted as you are.
Life is about eternity,
without it yesterday is gone,
today is taken for granted,
and tomorrow never comes!
Learn to love who you are,
Accept what you cannot change,
And trust in truths you cannot see.

***this is a really old poem. I wrote it about 7 years ago! It was in fact, the first poem I ever wrote, and I lovingly named it "Life is..." Hehaa! Seven years ago I pretty much had life figured out 😜😂 Wueh!
Seriously though, I decided to bring it out of the archives, especially just to share it with you. Yes you, reading these words right now! Thanks for taking the time...

Here's an interesting coincidence: as I was doing my blogtober challenge last year, vol. 10 of that series was also a poem. Interesting coincidence, no?

I'd love to follow up though, on a challenge I shared in a post a few days ago.
As I pointed out in that post, I was asked recently, “if you were to come up with a metaphor for life, what would that be?”
How do you see your life? Since we are discussing what life is 😜😂 I'd honestly love to hear what your personal metaphor for life is. Feel free to share.***

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Remember Your Dream: Vol. 9

Hey fighter! Things will get brighter.

Today's Thought: Let the hero rest.

Chaos calls but what you truly need? is to just breathe…

Sip in the air around you…breathe slow and deep, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

I do love music very much. I know right? I am unique…just like everyone else, hehaa!

In music though, I have always treasured words so much, I tend to think deeply about the words in music…to separate from the tunes, the words that speak into my own life…words that I can personally relate to.

So very recently I was listening to Amanda Cook’s “Heroes”…and a thought came to mind. I thought of something that really fascinated me; a thought that I’d humbly love to share with you today;

The stop-over is that place where you feel like your dreams are shattered forever. Let’s have this talk though, of seemingly shattered dreams…

I know what it feels like, when you’re trying to forge ahead? But you’re just stuck here...here at this moment.

You’ve probably figured, that it’s your time to wait, and you’re asking, “what could I be doing as I wait?”

See, you have already learned that you are never ok with being a victim...and so in your life? No matter how bad things get? You wake up in the morning; tell yourself that all will be well...and then you fight!

Fight as hard as you can, to get things moving. The thing about accepting to be a victim, you know, is that it conjures the demons of victimization. You are not a victim; you refuse to be a victim so you choose to fight.

You tell yourself, “This world is a war. If I choose to fight, I might have to bleed. But do I want my victory?” And so? You fight…you bleed, but you still fight because you want your victory, because you’re willing to pay the price that comes with winning.

Let me introduce you though, to a new kind of world, a world of heroes, a brave new world, a world? Where heroes are asked…they are asked to rest!

Shocking, right? I know!

As I was listening to Amanda Cook’s very beautiful song, I noticed that she started her song with this statement, "Let the heroes rest."

I played, and replayed that song, as I thought about it...

Heroes resting?

Yes! Heroes resting...When the heroes are asked to be still 😏

See all heroes know to do is to fight? Even when it’s hard? They keep fighting…

So despite the struggle? You’re busy, busy, busy!!!

All you have been doing so far? Is fighting, and you’ve been wondering why things are just not happening, why doors, are just not opening, why your heart, is just not moving on, why your soul, is still in chaos…

Rest… Chaos calls but what you truly need? is to just breathe…and be, and trust.

You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

The hero is asked to rest…

And being still is difficult. Believe me, from personal experience? I know that full well.

In stillness? Nothing is moving…you feel that way.

You feel like there could be something you could be doing, to get things moving. You could be fighting, right? Wrong!

See, you forget that you have done everything within your power to make things work. If moving ahead was solely based on effort, papers and connections? If it was based on therapies, medication, reconciliation and yoga? You'd be way ahead already…but it’s not…

Moving ahead? Is not based on self-effort alone!

Moving ahead? Is based on His timing, on God’s timing.

If He says, “stay and rest”? No amount of fighting will get you ahead.

See, you’ve been fighting a lot, and you’re probably weary, and bleeding from all that struggling…you are weary…and you are a hero, because you chose to fight. But right now, the plan is not to fight.

The hero has been asked to rest.

So I challenge you today, to trust…to rest…to be…to be at peace in rest…to relax.

Fighting will not avail to much in this season.

Yes it is true that you don't know why you are here where you are at...

You don’t know how long you will be here...but it is ok.

It’s ok not to know, it’s ok to trust the process, it’s ok to trust Him, and it’s ok to rest…

Remember your dream, but trust Him with it.

Sip in the air around you…breathe slow and deep, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Trust the process, and believe that it is good for you.

I choose to wait, I don’t mind the wait.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Remember Your Dream: Vol. 8

This photo is from my pinterest board: "Fashion & Glamour" ^_^ I am unashamed to say, "feel free to follow me on pinterest, hehaaa!" #TheVanityisReal!!!

Today's thought: True Identity

We place so much meaning and importance on things that really don’t matter.

Subconsciously? We value so much; looks, intellect, financial stability, houses, cars…things. And we assess our worth according to how we’ve performed with due regards to such, no?

And truth be told? All these are important; the problem though, is when they are placed high above, character, values, principles, wisdom…

What is your identity? Where is your identity? What makes you tick…

See the most valuable things in life? are not things.

I’d love for you to understand today, that your worth is never determined by your valuables.

It’s your time to wait, true.

Take this time though, to build your inner person.

Life has a way sometimes of taking everything that you relied on to define yourself;

“I am my beauty, I am my papers, my achievements, my education. I am my savings…this is how much I am worth…”All these can be placed on a speeding see-saw, and sent spiraling into oblivion!

When I am low on funds, unemployed, depressed, grieving, stuck, stranded or waiting…who am I? What is my identity at this point? Where is my identity placed?

Can I rely on character, on resilience, on strength, on wisdom to wait?

Is it in me? or will I break, and vent, and complain, and cause chaos?

Is it possible in suffering, for me to have the ability to suffer well? Suffering is a part of every human being (without any exception), and when suffering happens, when life happens? do I know how to suffer well?

Look inside you and address what you find. I honestly will never be able to stress this point enough.

Who are you…without all the valuables? What is your identity? Where have you placed your identity…your true identity? Who you really, truly are?

Relationships, values, principles, wisdom and character are far much more worth than fame, achievements, wealth and fun!

Who are you? Do you know who you are?

Is it a possibility, that most of what I need I can find in me, in my heart? For there is a cause to worry when most of what I need is outside me…in things. There is a cause to worry when I define myself by things. Things come and go you see…when things are stripped away, and I am lacking in character, lacking in relationships, in the way I relate to the people that He has graciously put into my life? then there is a big cause to worry.

Yes, you are not where you wanted to be…you are at rock bottom…

But it is possible to cultivate the inner person, possible to be so rich inside, so much that you’ll have something to offer this world even in your chaos.

Those who spread sunshine into others’ lives? Cannot keep it from themselves.

I know who I am. My worth? Cannot even begin to be defined by the “valuables” that I may not have now.

Listen; understand today, that your worth is never determined by your valuables.

Hey, you are in a stop-over, do not allow though, anyone to put you down just because you do not have those “valuables”. No one should do that to you…not even self.

Remember your dream...Do you? Do you remember your dream?

Do you remember where you wanted to be at? That dream will be entrusted only to a person who values character, and relationships over things.

Yes, rise up from where you’ve fallen, rise up from that pile of crap, of dust, of mud, and keep walking, keep trusting, keep hoping, keep learning, keep shinning, keep loving, and allow the process to build the inner man.

Keep your dream alive.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Remember Your Dream: Vol. 7

Sculpture & Shadow art Photography by a talented duo:Tim Noble and Sue Webster. Art Via Feel Desain. 
Today's thought: Focus!

Stuck in motion without meaning?

Activity without direction?

Events without reason?


It’s human nature to want to do so many things at a go;

“I want to study medicine, and law…and a bit of engineering as well. See I’m an artsy person, so I wanna know about photography, paintings, and drawings…I wanna major in all these areas…”


I am a lady who loves masomo too much. So believe me when I tell you, I know that feeling, of wanting to study, to know, to gain as much knowledge as you possibly can…wanting to do so much, wanting to experience every bit of life and understand it…having an open mind, and a crazy yearning to learn…wanting to speak as many tongues as you possibly could…wanting to learn to play so many musical instruments…a craving, a crazy, crazy craving for knowledge.

It is human nature to want to do so many things…

See the thing though is, activity doesn’t always equate to productivity.

And the vice-versa is true as well; inactivity? doesn’t have to mean that you are unproductive.

I am unlearning, and re-learning the basic principles of life: doing only what matters most, giving my all only to what is worth my while.

There was wisdom in this old warning, “Jack of all trades, a master of none.”

So many times, we get overwhelmed with trying to do everything, and get lost in trying to figure out passion, direction, and purpose in the midst of the craziness of all this many things that we are doing.

Focus…then do only what matters.

Giving your all, only to what is worth your while,

Only to what matters!

Do not focus on the undeserved criticism against you, or on failure, or on what you lack, or on past mistakes.

Do not focus on the voices in your head that may lead to self-doubt…to self-destruction.

Do not focus, on things that are already lost at this point in your life…

I’d say remember your dream…what is your dream?

Remember your dream and work tirelessly towards it. Ignore the distraction around you…be selective, doing only what matters most.

Think about light. The power of focusing is seen in light. Focused light from the sun, with a magnifying glass can set things on fire, no?

Focused light, in the form of a laser beam cuts through steel! Focus!!!

I love art too much. The picture I have used for this post falls under the genre of shadow art…

The piece is by a talented duo (Tim Noble and Sue Webster).

For six months, they collected a pile of crap, arranged it in a certain way, and when they focused light on that pile of crap, the pile projected those beautiful illusions on the wall, to form that beautiful piece of photography. What talent! What creativity!! What beauty!!!

Focus applied on a pile of crap? and it produces such unbelievable beauty!!!

Focus!!! I challenge you today to remember your dream, then focus…doing only what matters most…giving your all only to what is worth your while.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Remember Your Dream: Vol. 6

Chai harvesters in a field of chai in Kericho, Kenya. Words pictures can never begin to display how beautiful our country is #RightingAfricasStory. This is a special dedication to my Indian friends Rahul and Vani ^_^

Today's thought: I refuse to chai my way out

Innocence is bliss I tell yah!

Innocence? Is brilliance!

Come, sit here with me, and let me tell you a little story.

Let me have your ear for a while…allow me to put on my mhenga face just for a while. Listen to me:

The struggle is real? Sawa

You want to forge ahead already? That’s true, and that’s ok…

You asked for help and didn’t get any? Mmmmhhh…

And so you chose to chai your way out? I refuse to chai my way out, hehaaa!


Anyone who knows me well enough knows how deep my relationship with chai has been; chai in the morning, chai in the noon time, chai in the evening, chai all the time…every time is tea time!

How some human being would choose to taint the name of such a lovely beverage…is truly beyond my understanding, hehaa!

In your waiting time, you will truly need support, you will need people to help you out, you will need people to listen to you, to converse with you, to let you vent, to advise you…heck to pray for you, to hold you up, to have your back…your faithful ninjas, hehaaa! But guess what? You will need help, but you probably won’t get any. (It’s not personal…don’t take it personally.)

It is what it is, no?

Listen to me though; your time of waiting? Is your time to look inside you, and address what you find. I know the struggle hurts, and sometimes you want to quit on the process…half the process though, equates to a half-baked human being, no?

And this is where the chai story comes in:

Some interesting human being will tell you,

“We can work something out…you know I got connections. I can hook you up…leta tu pesa ya Kachai and you’ll be sorted, sawa?”

Eric Wainaina correctly said,

Ukitaka chai? Nenda Limuru! (if you want to get some tea? Go find some in Limuru!)”

I’d say, “You want chai? A fresh, brewing pot of hot nice-smelling stuff? Go find some in Kericho!”

Listen! The process…the wait is difficult, and I know it hurts. It’s never okay though, to chai your way out.

When you chai yourself out? You have chosen to settle, to compromise…

One cup of chai? Will have to be followed up with several other cups of chai, to maintain that “progress.”

Refuse to settle. Compared to where you were a few seconds, hours, days, weeks, months…heck even years ago? you my friend? have made some progress…trust the process, and believe that it is good for you.

And He who has brought you this far, is able to take you all the way.

I refuse to chai my way out.

I choose to wait, I don’t mind the wait.

You want chai so you can help me out? Go to Kericho…you’ll find it fresh in the fields.

Remember your dream, and choose to wait. Short cuts can be long cuts you know!

The process the struggle is meant to help you gain something; gain character, gain resilience, gain an attitude of gratitude, gain perseverance…not lose; lose character, lose your principles…lose focus, lose standards, because you chose to settle, or use the “easier” way out?

Chose to wait, you have it in you.

I refuse to chai my way out.

I remember my dream, and I am motivated by that memory and so?

I choose to wait, I don’t mind the wait.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Remember Your Dream: Vol. 5

"The Old Guitarist" a Classic, famous, oil painting by the famous Pablo Picasso done in 1904 during his "blue period".

Today's thought: I’ll grow through, not just go through

How do you see your life...

I was asked sometime last week, “if you were to come up with a metaphor for life, what would that be?”

After a lot of thinking, and a lot of evaluation, I settled with this; “life is a test.”

Life is a test…it truly is;
A test of character, a test of hope...
a test of faith (how do I handle problems?)
a test of obedience...
a test of love (how do I handle people?)
a test of integrity and of loyalty…it is all a test!

See character is both developed and revealed by tests.

In life you will be tested by major changes, delayed promises, impossible problems, undeserved criticism, senseless tragedies…

But at all times, remember that it is a waste of pain, to go through a tragedy, and fail to take the lesson with you; to go through pain, and give up during the process.

Keep in mind your dream, remember your dream.

Go through life purposefully, and consciously…grow through life, don’t just go through it.

It is true that when I allow myself to go through my life like a tourist, then I get trapped in a big void of nothingness…life loses its meaning, when it’s not lived purposefully.

Take time to carefully consider every day, everything that has happened to you; how have you grown through it, what was the test in it, and how did you perform in that test?

See, the beauty of life sometimes is marred by silence and uncertainty...

There is a danger however, in falling culprit of going through the motions; falling into the trap of a mechanical way of living;

Wake up> eat> go to work...or school> sleep >then press repeat!

Whatever happens, trust always that nothing is insignificant in your life.

So take some time at the end of every day, to conduct an honest self- analysis. For every day, whether or not it seems obvious to you? you have an opportunity to deepen your character, showcase courage and resilience, demonstrate your love…you have so many opportunities, to grow. It’s all a test!

How you talk to people, how you serve, how you respond to criticism, or delay, or the struggle, or rejection…how you respond to change…even of something as mundane as change of weather! All a test…

At this time in your life? Make a purposeful decision, to grow through your pain, rather than just go through it.

Think about a painter, intending to create a master piece. He’ll get his canvas, he’ll get his colours, and he’ll get his brush…

On the canvas he’ll mix so many colours to achieve his desired piece. His painting will have reds, and yellows, and pinks…just as it’ll have grays, and blacks, and blues. Every shade of colour contributes to the final piece….to the glory of the master piece.

And so it is with life; we live in a broken world, and we feel its brokenness daily. Life is like an empty canvas, we paint it green, and blue, and red, and grey, with every experience that we go through.

Some experiences are bright and yellow…like daffodils, and sunshine…

Some are grey, dark, and blue.

But each of them? Contributes towards making the master piece, no?

How ugly a piece would be, if it were a big blob of red, or a big blob of black…each shade contributes to a different angle…a different angle from which an art lover can enjoy that master piece.

Allow yourself to grow through this process. Don’t just go through it.

Remember your dream, and keep it alive, as a constant motivation, to keep running your race with grace…at your pace, and in your designated space.