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Monday, 4 July 2016

Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong.

'Freedom' photo, by an extremely talented Turkish artist called HNDE (Hande) ^_^

You Only Live Once (YOLO).


Personally though, I am a greedy human being. I don't want to only live once. I wanna live for billions of years, and I know that every choice I make daily pushes me further from that goal, or draws me closer to it…insanity you say? Hehaa!

I address the sane ones therefore. I challenge you today…

Run wild, Live free, Love strong.

Why not? You only live once after all, no?

Run wild!
From someone who is an addict of order, plans…and certainty, this piece of advice may seem misguided. It may be dismissed as a jovial joke.

Look at the wild flowers though.

They are untamed, undomesticated, out of control, misfits…simply put? wild!

In all their glory…tastefully dressed. Yet they are without the remotest clue on fashion and design…

Their beauty remains unmatched, they are happy to be different…happy to be rowdy!

They may not always have an audience. See, the beauties of this life? are hardly ever appreciated. They seem irrelevant and mundane.

Think about the stars, and how brightly they shine…

Think about a canary…or a swan.

About Tulips or yellow daffodils…

Who stands to stare at their beauty? Yet someone takes time to dress them, and make them beautiful daily…

Live free!
Look at the birds in the air. They are free and unfettered…unrestricted, unbridled; they are beyond restraint!

They have no permanent residence, no job description. Oh heck! They even lack titles!

They choose to be careless in God’s care.

Life is a journey. A very long journey…

Cut loose the weight of in-authenticity…the weight of the mask.

The wise ones travel light…free to be their true selves. Libre comme L’air (free as a bird)!

Love strong!
In my all-time favourite poem, “Desiderata”, Max Ehrmann said, "Do not feign affection. Neither be critical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perennial as the grass."

See, love is quite a force to reckon with. I’d say; refrain from doing something that you are not willing to do passionately…something that you are not willing to give your all.

So what if you gave your all?

A huge fire…not just a spark?

A blinding light…not just a flame?

Love deeply, trust wholly, and give from a genuine heart.

Pursue freedom at all times.

Run wild, Live free, Love strong!