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Monday, 20 June 2016

Become What You Believe

A simple dance oil painting. Image via Arts B2C.

"Become what you believe…"

And it happens!

What do you believe?

For daily, your thoughts live a trail for similar thoughts to follow.

Every day is an open and new slate…

for you to create… 

What you believe? Life says to you, “Become what you believe!” 

How then do I look up in the sky and curse the morning sun, for pushing me into one more day...of utter misery?

The slate was nice and clear in the morning…and what I am experiencing right now? At this very moment? is a projection of what I believed…I became what I believed!

Hocus- pocus?

No, let us focus…

There’s no magic,

But it’s truly tragic…

When you live your life, up till the end, unaware that you were gifted with the power to will.

Address yourself, address your fears, 

Address your limitations,
and address as well, your goals every morning. 
Aware that at some point these words shall always be said;

“Become what you believe!”