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Saturday, 21 November 2015

To be, or not to be: On Transition

For a while I stood and stared deep into the void, reminding myself of my place in the cosmos. That I am part of a vast, vast Eco- system, and reasonably so, life just does not revolve around me. When you think of yourself as a dot in the very huge and vast Eco-system, you tend to feel lost. And when you’re lost? It’s difficult to feel special. I felt my mouth form these horrid words, “there comes change!”

It’s a challenge to transition…

Shifting from school to the career world, from dependence to independence, any kind of transition, tags along with it a seemingly huge amount of an insurmountable mound of challenges.

The best way to prepare for any kind of change is to nature strength of spirit beforehand, to shield you from breaking when something unexpected is thrown at you.

Whoever named ‘the cosmos’ must have had a healthy and rich sense of irony. The cosmos means, the universe seen as a well ordered whole.

See, life is inevitably tumultuous and chaotic; order? is a decent dream and goal. But in that noisy confusion? Your soul should always be at peace. Therefore, make sure that you are solitude’s faithful companion. Take time to be alone, to look inside you, and address what you find; “who am I, where I’m I going, and if I continue on this path that I’m on, will I get to where I’m supposed to be?”

Hope like a crazy being because despite the chaos of life, despite the daily disillusionment and broken dreams, the cosmos is still unfolding the way it should…and whether it appears obvious to you or not, all things (including the bad ones) are working to your advantage, they are working together for your good…you just have to see it that way.

Keep in mind at all times, that perfection is a unicorn…simply put; it’s a beautiful imagination that is unattainable. So, there will be a constant need to be a better person, and sometimes you will have no clue on how to do that, but guess what? Every imaginable help is available to that human being who admits that they are unable to figure out life by self-effort alone. So, be very gentle with yourself, allowing yourself to make mistakes, and learn from them.

Constantly walk with the confidence though, that you are never alone, the love of the Creator of this very huge and vast cosmos for you? is so true. It’s real, constant and secure. 

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The Silent World, Called me a Man

The world was silent when we died but when we spoke up? It called us men.

Stereotype: "Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, become bitter, and angry, hate men, be disrespectful."

Real definition of Feminism: "Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings."
-Cheris Kramerae, author of A Feminist Dictionary, 1996-

I did not at any point say that a woman is the same as a man; because a man can never be the same as a woman either. We have different biological dispositions, different ways of thinking, and different perspectives of life. The equality therefore, is of rights…equal rights...social, political, civic and economic rights, equal opportunities…a fair plane…

I did not say that I wanted to be a man. I perform horribly as a mocking bird. That means therefore that I’m content with being myself, a lady, a female.

I did not at any point say that I want to make more for less work, or less experience. God blessed everyone with brain and brawn, to work. The majority of female feminists are people who work for a living, work hard, and are frustrated at having to work twice as hard to make less money than their male colleagues; frustrated that just because they are women, their competence is always in question.

I am not bitter, nor am I angry. I do not hate men; neither am I 'Di Devo', hehaa! A bitter lady who will never get a husband… 

'Feminism' is a word that has often been misconstrued. And truth be told, the kind of labels that are placed on feminists, are exactly the kind that create extremists.

If I believe that I can achieve anything that I put hard-work and effort into, if I'm trying to obtain equal pay for my work, if I am ambitious enough to believe that I can scale the professional ladder, that I can work towards a future that won't condemn me to chronic poverty and misery, If I'd love to show the society that all humans are intellectual equals, that women are human too, not property, or things that can be owned, and I'm told that mine is a foolish goal. I am told that I am "an ugly, miserable, bitter, angry , ‘MAN’(wanna-be), who is a witch" and who is incapable of reason, but just talks non-chalantly and uncontrollably
, who blathers on and on and on...

Don’t you think then, that I'm likely to feel extreme dislike for that individual who tells me that?

If this happens enough times, you can see why a feminist would turn into an extremist and start hating the people who delight in mislabeling her and distorting her beliefs. Society did that to her.

The world was silent when we died, but when we tried to speak up, it called us men…

I dare to believe that women are, and in fact should be treated as potential intellectual equals.

Just because human bodies are designed to perform certain procreative functions, biological elements need not dictate intellectual and social functions, capabilities, and rights. 

"I will not do the cooking, I will not do the washing, I won't do any laundry, and did I mention that I won't be changing any diapers either?" This is not feminism in its totally. It's not what feminism wholly stands for...there is a bigger picture I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that feminism? Is much more bigger than that.

Feminists, are human beings (women and men alike), interested in civil equality and intellectualism and dedicated to fighting the ignorance that says people are controlled by, and limited to their biology.

Feminists do not hate men, they are not bitter or angry…

It would be naive to think that there are no greedy, ugly souls out there who are women, however, just as there are greedy, ugly souls in women, there are as well greedy people with ugly souls who are men.

Feminism is simply about equal rights, and equal protection under the law. It’s about recognition of equal competence amongst the man and the woman…that they are intellectual equals, that they both have a fair amount of proper functioning stuff between their ears, hehaa!

The only thing really in question is why anyone wouldn't support that. Why would anyone be against it unless that individual believed that women were a lesser life form or not as "human" as men, unless that individual was afraid of the downfall of chauvinism, and patriarchy, to give life to equality...

The world was silent when we died, but when we spoke up? It called us men.

If God wills? One day, I will be honoured with the responsibility of being a mother. And when that happens? I will teach my boy to iron his shirt, and teach my girl to fix the sink. 

Feminism has nothing to do with being a ‘female-male’. It's a plea to society; do not despise or look down on me just because I am a woman. It’s simply the radical notion that women are human beings. 

The question is, why don't YOU believe in it?

I rest my case. 

Monday, 16 November 2015

The World Was Silent, but I Blame Myself

The world was silent when we died.
Someone is to blame, someone is behind this. I see someone lurking  in the shadows...he lights the flame, and feeds this raging inferno, then watches from safer windows. He feels amused at the pointed fingers...the way we stub and shout at each other. We spew venom and get angry. And he keeps feeding the fire. The flames become bigger...
He watches from safer windows.

The world was silent when Biafra died.
The world was silent when tummies and necks were slit in the Kenyan post- election violence.
The world would be silent even if eyes were gorged, bodies burned, and wrists slit.
The world? has always retired, and taken comfort in the easier alternative: silence.

How then did I get to this point?
How did I even begin to expect words from the world?
The world went on with its business, humanity was busy.
I had something to say, but I held my tongue. And on that tongue? my words grew stale, they became rotten and useless.
So the world was silent, but I blame myself.

Today though, I stand in the courtyard. Smack in the middle...
There's this aura, I feel a presence...of people. They are carefully peering at me from behind drawn curtains. I finally have their attention. My words resonate with them. I speak for them. I am a voice to those who question their own voices. I blame no one, not even the world that is silent. For what I'm about to say? has taken a lot of courage to say. Drum rolls...
eyes stare, the earth underneath becomes hot, my voice sounds squeaky as I speak into the microphone. The way it sounds high- pitched? shocks me too. But I say this with a straight face,
"I just became a feminist."

There, there...I said it. I am a feminist...

I wait for a response, but none is forth- coming. Instead? I get silence. Curtains are quickly re- drawn, windows shut more firmly. A blue sky that had been calm suddenly becomes grey and pregnant. It releases its content on me. I am left standing there.
I am left to my devices, to face the consequences of  a cause that I have freely and voluntarily chosen. Society is coming for me, to eat and swallow me alive! I know that full well...
But my pulpit awaits, it calls to me, and I am ready to stand on it. To speak with clarity and conviction.

The world was silent, but I blame myself...
I should have spoken up sooner. For a cause that I believed in? Had always been a cause worth fighting for.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Scatter Joy

As I'm writing these words I'm sitting on the steps, it's a Saturday. I'm watching the ants, as they fly by...fly? Yes, the ants in our home fly...well, ok, I'm just tripping! They don't fly, in case it scares you from popping by to visit, hehaa!

Humanity rushes by, busy with activity...

But I'm watching the ants...yasss! I am that weird sometimes. But don't you worry my future Mr., I'm not yet a gone case...'YET', keyword. As I sit to stare at the ants? I'm a bit scared. This gift of sight...
Of late I have learned to be grateful for things that are seemingly mundane, like the ability to sit and stare at ants. 
Some time ago, I noticed a difference in my sight. Things are a bit blurry. Sometimes I may not be able to see so clearly, and it gets scary when that happens. And my second pair of eyes, has not been too co-operative of late, the lenses keep popping, and so I finally gave up on fixing them.

Today though is a day filled with activity; humanity rushes by, the ants 'fly' by, they are busy! The sun is warm, the sky is blue. It's a beautiful day, of yellow tulips, and sunshine, of joy and cheer, of love and awesomeness, and bliss!!! I'm sipping in every moment, enjoying it, watching it...staring at it! I'm content, fascinated...that I can see; that I'm surrounded by such beauty...

I wanted to share my words? But I'd already done two posts today. So I pen them down, and save them as a draft. I decide I'll cheer whoever finds the time to read on a Monday...

Reading on a Monday? Monday is busy and somber; it's crazy and serious. 'Normal' people are going to work...or to school...ain't nobody got time for words, hehaa! But I am an ambitious lady, hehaa! I know someone will read...let's say, I believe so!

Well...I wanted to scatter joy. I found this poem in the archives, one that I'd written a long time ago...a very long time ago! For a long time, I've been my own audience with my poems. But now? I'm ready to share them with whoever will care to give me an audience.
So here's to yellow tulips and sunshine, to warmth and beauty, to love and the undeserved blessings of this life, to perfect health and sight; may it be contagious...this joy, and spread throughout your whole week. Do remember this throughout the week. May it taunt you and probe you, may it stick in your head...playing and replaying...

 If you wanna be different,
One way to stand out is to be joyful. 
Radiate something based in your heart,
Others will sense it and feel uplifted.

Those who bring sunshine into others' lives,
Cannot keep it from themselves.
And yet, I can't scatter joy,
Unless I'm joyful myself.

Attitude is contagious,
One wrong move makes its impact ferocious.
Letting God's joy work on my attitude may sound religious,
But at the end of it all, it sure makes my life delicious! 

Happiness is certainly defined by circumstances,
May not be happy when things ain't going my way.
But joy is not based on circumstances,
It's deep and abiding no matter how unhappy my day.

Tell jokes no matter how pathetic you are at it!
Smile, and  laugh, after all it keeps you fit.
Choose to be joyful no matter how things git.
And eventually, you'll see, someone's life you'll have lit!