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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Normal is Just a Setting on a Dryer

When my partner first came to me with the idea to start this institution, I realized at once that that, so far might just have been one of the most brilliant ideas ever thought of. I couldn't think of a better way to put our knowledge of the law into use other than that. It was a genius idea (and still is), from a clearly bright guy (and that's why he was my partner!) 

At our commencement on 01/08/2013, we made a conscious decision to accept the honorable job of making the world out there a friendlier place for people who had ideas and were not sure about how reasonable such would be; we would do this by providing services that would empower them. As an idea, it sounded very 'do-able' but once we had embarked on it, we found out that we would encounter countless challenges on the way. 

But still, we were not going to give up...we had finally got the courage to stand at the peak of the mountain and see whether if we flapped away, our wings would do us justice. 

In the process we learned not to despise the small things in life, because with the right amount of passion, precision and dedication things happen; good things come to those who will. 

 Our dream would not save everyone in the world, as much as we wanted it to...but we believed that as we continued working at making life easier for others, we would get to learn about ways to make life easier for us too, and with that, the world would really become a better place for everyone. 

We had a dream…. 

We started the process of making our business legal, we talked to investors, we wrote down our proposals, we had meetings and planned, we set up a website (here’s a link for the curious ones)…and the more we did it? The more we became excited, the more we believed our dream would flourish *sigh* 

When I did my first post on this blog (here’s where to find it for those who missed it), it was around that time. We had invested so much into our dream, unreservedly! We knew, no we actually believed, that it would work…we had a dream! 

Fast- forward to today; our dream failed…our hopes were bashed…and we were crashed. 

 “Failure doesn’t mean you are a failure, it does mean you haven’t succeeded yet; 
Failure doesn’t mean you have accomplished nothing, it does mean you have learned something;
Failure doesn’t mean you have been disgraced, it does mean you were willing to try; 
Failure doesn’t mean you don’t have it, it does mean you have to do something in a different way; 
Failure doesn’t mean you should give up, it does mean you must try harder; 
Failure doesn’t mean you’ll never make it, it does mean it will take a little longer.” (Robert Schuller in, ‘Tough Times Never Last but Tough People Do’) 

Normal is just a setting on your dryer. A dryer is that tool that ladies use on their hair for blow-dries. It has 3 settings; low, NORMAL, and high (with due reference to heat). 

Normal should be just a setting for a dryer, and not more than that! But most of us allow ‘normal” to become more than a setting, we allow it to become the definition of who we are, and reasonably so; being normal saves you a lot of baggage, but being extra- ordinary? That equates to risk…you risk trying and failing, you risk standing out, you risk leaving a zone of comfort and stepping into the realm of the unknown! 

But see, working on your dream is like a game; how will you win a game if you do not start to play it? A game has got rounds, try, start, begin and just by the mere fact of doing so, you will have won the first round! 

When starting out on a difficult project, the correct attitude would be to see it as a game. Seeing it as a game will eliminate the presence of fear of failure…see, in a game, what’s the worst that could happen if you lose? It’s only a game! 

In a game, one is always trying to break records. So you’ll think bigger, try harder, reach further, just to actualize your dream. And when it’s time to quit, you can do so without ruining your reputation! It’s only a game so you can quit any time you want… You are not a total failure if you dare to do something worthwhile; for it’s impossible to fail, totally if you dare to try. Take this from someone who has tried and failed miserably; if it’s going to be, it’s up to you! 

Do not allow ‘normal’ to be more than a setting on a dryer…so that it’s a definition of who you are. Stepping out of the norm does have its fair share of challenges…it’s petrifying! It will cause you to stand out of the crowd, of a society of normal people. You might have to go it alone. 

Whatever idea or dream you have, I am here to tell you today; every idea has faults, but faults call for polishing, not for demolition! Never give up just because things became harder than you thought they would be, be persistent! The person, who enthusiastically keeps knocking at the door, is the person who is going to get the opportunity 

A lot of times, we leave this life before we experience the joy of what we were really capable of becoming, we never get to live to our ultimate potential…because we lose faith. Hell is…standing before God and having Him tell you all the things you could have done if you had more faith! 

Let ‘normal’ retain its placing people! 

I hope this inspires you! Below find a poem that I wrote very many years ago, many thanks for stopping by to read. 

My humble request is that you think about today’s topic, and allow it to challenge you to forge ahead. 

So here goes the poem: 

Normal is Just a Setting on Your Dryer 

You are a runner,
You choose your own pace.
Each day is an opportunity,
To live a memorable mark.
Being normal is quite satisfying,
Anything other than that, rather petrifying.
The fear of being labelled insane,
More painful than some strokes of the cane.
The anguish of judgmental glances,
Remind you that you’d lack chances
The anxiety that comes with being extra- ordinary,
Certainly not a path that you’d choose to take.
Lift your faith and see Jesus overcoming
And you’ll have the grace to overcome.
Normal should be just a setting on your dryer.
It’s a state that you can choose to change.
Failures are there to make you humble,
The fear of failure will make you stumble.
Step out of your comfort zone,
To the realm of the unknown
Life battles are not always worn by the strong,
But by those who go against the norm!
By Khasoha Samita

Friday, 17 July 2015

Let's have THE Talk; Of Zebra Crossings and Gentlemen

Just recently, I got a new friend at the office…such an amazing lady, if you saw us right now; you’d think we’ve known each other for a life time. She is incredible, very funny, and chatty. She’s the intern; I’m the pupil, hehaa! Titles which we have learned to wear proudly...for us they have become crowns of sorts!

“Go file these documents at such and such a registry…”

“Yes Seniour!” we’d say this with unbelievable enthusiasm.

“Go to such and such a firm, and serve these documents…”

“Yes Seniour!” again with unbelievable gusto.

Hehaa! Call it the chronicles of the intern and the pupil!
We have learned a lot though, and enjoyed every bit of the training.

So a couple of weeks ago, she and I were on our way to court at the city center. As usual, we were chatting and laughing, and giggling…oh my! We are such a duo…we got to a zebra crossing, still chatting, and we walked across. Got to the other side of the road…and well, I realize something strange; I’d walked across alone. So I stop and look across, my friend is still standing off the road, at the zebra crossing, waiting for the cars to clear so she can cross!

So, I laugh so hard, walk across again, and drag her across that zebra crossing. I present to her my wordy case, about the pedestrian’s right to cross freely at a zebra crossing. She listens keenly and courteously, then she tells me this hilarious story, of how she tried that sometime ago, and got the scare of her life…she was slightly hit by an arrogant driver. But the way she narrates that story? Oh boy! It’s too funny…we are not feeling sad for her; instead we are laughing our heads off the rest of the way, we laugh so hard, that our stomachs start to ache. That encourages me to tell my story too, I got hit once too, I admit…oh yes!

I was just trying to exercise my right as a pedestrian, to freely cross the road at a zebra crossing. She laughs at me…then I laugh at myself!

See my rationale is this, as I explained to her that day…drivers will always arrogantly speed off past a zebra crossing, because we always let them do that…as pedestrians…we stand off the zebra crossing and allow the cars to clear…but if every pedestrian made it their business to exercise their right…hehaa! Yes, I know…my ideas are too farfetched sometimes. So we left it at that!

On another occasion, my friend and I were at the office, chatting. She is a happy, witty conversationalist. So yes, it was a conversation full of laughter…and giggles…and smiles, a typical girls’ conversation. We talked about anything and everything, and so it was no surprise when we finally landed on the topic of Gentlemen. Both of us agreed that there’s a scarce remainder of such humans in our time, hehaa!

The more intense that topic became, the more she got me thinking…then randomly, I said to her, “Do you remember what I told you about the zebra crossing…unless the pedestrians made it their business to exercise their right to cross at the zebra crossing, if they choose to stand off and allow the cars to clear, the drivers will always, arrogantly speed off past a zebra crossing. We are partly to blame, because we always let them do that…as pedestrians.”

That concept applied to getting a guy to behave like a gentleman; as the lady, make it your business to let him know that you appreciate being treated like a lady. He opens the door to a building and walks in leaving you outside…stand outside until he realizes he’s walking alone and comes back to be a gentle man and hold the door for you (hehaa! Well maybe this one’s a bit of an extreme)…he gets on to the driver’s sit and leaves you standing outside the car? Stand at the door until he realizes that he hasn’t behaved like a gentleman and he gets off that car to do that (another extreme one, huh? Hehaa!)

My point though is; if you stood off the zebra crossing…knowing full well that you have the right to cross but you honestly believed that one car will stop, and let you exercise your right? My friend…you are sadly mistaken, hehaa!
But these are just my thoughts and musings on zebra crossings and gentlemen :)

What are your thoughts on this? I would more than love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by to read. Please comment, share, follow…

It’s Friday…yeeeiy! Here goes the weekend. Make it a good one! I wish you a restful weekend ahead.

Warm regards,

Khasoha Samita.